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It's more than pet sitting.   

It's an enrichment service.

You never need to find a sitter, kennel, board or leave your Butternut Golden home alone for long periods at a time.  We hate the thought of it!  Dana is home with the dogs 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Bring your Golden to Camp Butternut for an experience of a lifetime for the day or for an extended vacation. 

Your Butternut Golden will have fun with their Butternut family, go for truck rides, get socialized with people and other dogs, swim, run, play ball, cuddle up and watch t.v., enjoy Dana’s delicious home cooked meals and sleep in the comfort of our home.   While here, your dog will have an invaluable experience of pack learning. 

We have owners who drive all the way from Maine, RI, NH, MA and upstate NY every vacation to take advantage of this inexpensive but valuable experience. We do not provide this service to the public — just to Butternut Goldens Retrievers.  We wish this wonderful experience for each of our puppies. Owners comment how well behaved their dog is when they returned home. Dogs return home with thier nails trimmed. Training and grooming is also possible on request and when time allows for additional fee. 

Cost: $25/day


Dana at 802-635-7377 (Sorry, Dana doesn’t text)

or email Susan at Retrieve@ButternutGoldens.com

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