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Butternut Hill UnXpected Boon TD 

DOB 6/18/2008

Celebrated Boon’s 15th Birthday this year!

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We feel so fortunate to have Boon still a vital member of our family pack. We celebrated Boon turning 15 years old, June 17, 2023.  She has slowed down some, but still loves being in the  middle of it all, whether a ball game or going for ride and swim. She has a special role of being head puppy trainer.  Boon loved being mother and was very good at it.  She was a wonderful and attentive mother to her pups and grand pups.  Loved to play and teach them.  A video of her playing with her huge litter of 14 went viral arond the world and even made it onto the Ellen Degeneres Show! Check her video clip out: Butternut Goldens — Mother Playing WIth  Her Pups.

Boon is a very pretty and solid girl, with lovely head, front and rear angles and excellent amount of bone.  Her coat is straight, easy wash and wear — even after being spayed.   She loves tracking, retrieving, swimming, and cuddling.  Boon earned her TD  tracking title in the of Fall 2012.  She is mother to our Ginger, Grandmother to our Piper and great grandmother to our Padraig, Kimba & Lily, as well as great, great grandmother to Padraigs puppies with Annie & Gina.  She has been a wonderful gift and unexpected boo

IMG 7205

Boon 14 yrs; 8 months old

IMG 7206

Boon 14 yrs, 8 months old early spring 2023, still loves to be in the middle of the ball game.

IMG 2265

Boon enjoying a refreshing swim at one of our favorite swimming hole


Boon spring 2021

Boon loves swimming ~ Lake Willoughby, VT  Summer 2010

Boon's Tracking Dog Title,  Judges Ilene Morgan & Linda Morgan

Young Boon

Young Boon - 7 months old - January 2009 “Snow Shoe Companion”

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Hannah & Da

Boon’s Father :: DA  Can CH Butternut All De Do Da Day CD, CCA

Boon’s Mother :: HANNAH  Hunting Lane’s Happy Hannah RN, CCA

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