The "Golden Retriever Experience” 

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In September 2023, we started collaborating with Doug and Becca Worple of Jeffersonville, Vermont.  who in 2021 purchased a beautiful private 275 acre farm in the Green Mountains and named it Golden Dog Farm.  On the farm they produce organic maple syrup, honey, a vineyard, fruit trees, berries, nuts and provide a variety of farm tours. They currently own 2 Golden Retrievers, Lenny and Dewey, and a black lab Mara.

Together, with Golden Dog Farm, we have created a "Golden Retriever Experience,” which has received the attention of TikTok & Instagram influencers, Boston’s WCVB Chronicle 5, as well as ABC’s television, Good Morning America: GMA and even People Magazine.  We bring our multi-generational family of Golden Retrievers to their farm for an hour long playdate with dog loving people who travel far and wide to experience.  We are proud of our dogs’ friendly and calm temperaments.  They bring happiness to others where ever we go, something we've done for over 25 years.  It is exciting to team up with Golden Dog Farm and with the help of social media we touched more people than we’ve ever imagined. 

Happiness is Golden!

Dana & Susan Menne

Golden Retriever Experience 



Susan Menne, Becca Worple, Dana Menne and Doug Worple

at Golden Dog Farm in Jeffersonville, Vermont

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